The Heritage Verandah

Craig Linke

Burnside Custom Verandah Renovation

The Heritage Verandah

The brief was to craft a heritage bullnose verandah that complemented the era of the clients’ beautiful circa 1900s home.

Thousands of tessellated tiles sourced from Adelaide Restoration Centre were painstakingly laid by our highly skilled tiler. The bullnose Mintaro slate verandah edging was supplied by Tillets. Each individual piece of slate was manufactured from the quarry in Mintaro in the Clare Valley. This was a bespoke order that took three months to arrive.

The original timber verandah beams and posts were carefully removed and provided to the joiner in order to match the exact machine mould profiles of the existing verandah beam and posts. The timber beams were carefully installed by our in-house team of carpenters. while each post was housed by hand to suit the verandah beam profile to ensure a snug fit.

The original timber fretwork was also carefully removed and the profile replicated and machined by our in-house team of carpenters. Our team then meticulously timber dowelled each individual piece of fretwork in place.

The finished verandah is a stunning structure that reflects our precision and attention to detail.

Bill & Sue Dartnall

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