Our Process

As a custom builder, we are with you for the duration of your building journey.

Whether you require support during the ideas and design phase, or you’re coming to us with architectural drawings that you’re ready for us to bring to life, we’re here to make your building experience enjoyable.

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The Ideas Phase

You’re welcome to get in touch with us at the ideas stage of your project. Craig and Jake can meet with you to discuss your initial thoughts and preferences.

We have great working relationships with leading architects and designers throughout Adelaide, as well as an in-house design offering. Depending on the size and scope of your project, we are happy to make suggestions that will best suit your needs.

Design & Planning

Our involvement is often sought during the design and planning phase of your project.

We offer an end-to-end design service in-house, or our designers and building team can partner with you and your selected architect to bring your project to life.


Once you have detailed drawings and specifications for your project, a formal cost estimate is prepared. We take the pricing process seriously and spend substantial time on-site with our team and subcontractors in order to complete this work.

Once ready, your designated Project Manager will meet with you to run through your costing.

The Build

The final steps before building commences include signing your contract and ensuring the relevant insurances are in place. We take out Building Indemnity Insurance on your behalf, and a copy of the certificate of insurance will be provided for your records. We’ll also let you know your project commencement date prior to starting. This date will be determined in consultation with you.

Because of the dusty nature of the work, it is often advisable to find alternative accommodation during the build. While some of our clients do continue to live on-site during their project, this is not always possible.

Our in-house team will be with you every step of the way, keeping you informed as your bespoke project takes shape.

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